British Royal Ascot, fashion?

Published: 06th October 2011
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Does the British Royal Ascot have anything to do with fashion?Definitely yes! Why? Hats are to royal ascot what is Karen Millen dresses to women clothing. Not only is it the world’s largest annual gathering of hats, but it is also the world’s most traditional upper-class social gatherings in which women and men wear the most formal day dresses and suits. You could see the classic scene of Jockey Club in the film "My Fair Lady", acted by Audrey Hepburn.

This event has been through centuries, the Royal Ascot had witnessed thousands of classic fashion style, the fashion showed up in the British Royal Ascot is no less important than the horse racing itself.Itis used to be the British royal family and social celebrities to show off the upper class’s social etiquette, but now, it has become the stage of some fashion lovers, which is partially due to the efforts of some brand like Karen Millento provide freer access form them to get close to fashion.

If you are already tired of watching the music festival of street shooting wave after wave, you could change the taste to have a look at the Jockey Club shooting of gorgeous hats and elegant dresses. The participation of fashion lovers has made the royal activity more active.

I have to say that her collocation is fabulous, Debenhams red flower hat, Hobbs London dress and Jessica Simpson from TK Maxx shoes, these three elements bring out the best in each other. If you didn’t know her before, you may mistake her as some movie star; actually, she is a fashion lover, too.

What’s your first thought when you see this picture? The Marc Jacobs dress is luxuriant enough but the Primark socks seem to be eccentric. Her endure smile seems to tell us that she intends to do it for fun.

These two young ladies are as shinning as the flower on their head, these remind me of the floral design of Karen Millen dress for this summer, it is the flower from head to feet that makes the design special, if they have a Karen Millen floral print dress, they must be the Queen of All Flowers.

This June, BritishRoyal Ascot had just over, the next British Royal Ascot seems far off, but fashion is never far away, got the essence for this summer? The floral dresses! with it, Wherever you step, the flowers abound.

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